MOFFA’s Merry Clark Publishes “Dandelion Roots Run Deep”


Cassopolis, MI, June 12, 2024 –(– “Dandelion Roots Run Deep” is the true story of three generations of tenacious Midwestern women, one in Illinois and two in Michigan. Merry is the third generation, and her mother Merrill, fought for organic agriculture and Michigan’s environment from 1967 – 2009. Merrill developed Alzheimer’s before finishing her book, so Merry took her story to fruition. Esther, Merrill’s mother, ran a small farm almost single handedly with three children during wartime America. Merry survived cancer to bring the stories together into one book. Merry is the narrator of this story.

The dandelion roots are a metaphor for the roots connecting these three generations of women who “nevertheless persisted” and the tenacity of those roots. The story traces Esther’s life as a farm wife, Merrill’s marriage, and the harrowing cross-country trip she took with her husband, John, before they launched their ultimate mission: starting an organic farm in 1980 in Michigan, facing huge obstacles. Merrill Clark went on to become a charter member of the National Organic Standards Board and she describes some of her early experiences on the board. The story includes the dramatic difficulties of running a family organic farm in the 80s, as well as what happened to the farm more recently.

Dandelion Roots Run Deep will appeal to lovers of Wendell Berry, Rachel Carson, and Aldo Leopold, as well as environmentalists, women, and anyone dealing with Alzheimer’s.