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MOFFA's Guide to Michigan's Organic and Ecologically Sustainable Growers, Farms, Retailers, and CSA’s

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MOFFA values and believes in the transparency the USDA Organic Certification brings to consumers. That being said, we also recognize that not all farms have the means to complete the certification process due to the financial burden or human resources required to complete and maintain the certification. 

For this reason, we support and promote farms and farmers that are both USDA Organic Certified, and those who have committed to farm utilizing organic and sustainable practice, but have not become certified. For those farms that have not received the USDA Organic Certification, but would like to be included in the MOFFA farm guide, we require them to complete the Michigan Farmer’s Pledge. 

MOFFA is also a strong supporter of the Real Organic Project, which seeks to preserve the integrity of the organic label. 

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About the Guide

When the Michigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance (MOFFA) first published Eating Organically in 1999, it was one of Michigan’s earliest guides to organic and local foods. Our most recent version from May 2020 was MOFFA’s seventh edition. This guide includes 143 listings for farmers and growers, including 87 Certified Organic farms. This is not a complete list of all businesses offering local, sustainably grown foods in Michigan—we have only included those growers who made information available to us.

Due to the age of the most recent Farm Guide, we highly recommend you call any farm or retailer listed in the 2020 guide to ensure hours, etc. 

Throughout the Guide, MOFFA leaf indicates that the farm is a member of MOFFA.  USDA Organic Badge highlights Certified Organic operations, and pledge symbol means that they have signed the Farmer’s Pledge.

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