MOFFA Sponsorship 2024

MOFFA’s flagship educational event is Organic Intensives, a day-long, concentrated learning experience for farmers and serious gardeners.  In 2024, we will be holding this event on January 6, on the MSU Campus in East Lansing.  Experts and producers will be presenting: Innovative Ecological Farming and Growing, Building a Just and Equitable Seed Community, and Locally Sourced and Manufactured Fibers: An Important Part of Sustainable Living. For the year 2024 we will continue to seek the funding necessary to hire an executive director while continuing to carry out our main activities.  

Sponsorship will help MOFFA’s other activities throughout the year, including our quarterly newsletter which reaches over 1,700 via email, the Guide to Michigan’s Organic and Ecologically Sustainable Growers and Farms which is available in both online and paper formats, our advocacy for regenerative agricultural practices in the policy and regulatory sphere, and our website, which we strive to maintain as a reliable source of information about organic farming and gardening, local food and business related announcements, and educational, employment, and food-related grant opportunities. We also exhibit at six to eight state and regional conferences per year. 

In recognition of your support, your sponsorship will be made public via:

  • Display of your logo on the MOFFA website throughout the year
  • Recognition in every issue of the Organic Connections Newsletter
  • Recognition at all of our educational events 
  • One, two, or three free MOFFA memberships, depending on the level of your contribution
  • Free registration and display space at major events

More information about the levels and rewards of sponsorship is available in Sponsorship Options At-A-Glance.  You can make a pledge of support online, or download the form and send it by mail if you prefer.

If you have questions about sponsorship, please email us at [email protected].